Organic Coconut Oil 485ml

Organic Coconut Oil 485ml

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Mezzaluna Coconut Oil is produced from copra (dried coconut). Copra is extracted with expeller pressed to produce Crude Coconut Oil.

  • 100% Organic Coconut Oil
  • Non-GMO
  • FREE Hexane
  • No Chemical Process

Coconut Oil is suitable for:

  • External use of the body
  • Consumption (Organic, not containing Hexane, rich in MCT and Lauric Acid suitable for keto diet)
  • Fry up to 220'C (deep frying)
  • Cosmetic ingredients (making soap, solvent essence oil, mask making)
  • Baby care (for diaper rash / reddish from diapers, milk rash / redness on the cheeks due to breast milk irritation, and also massage oil to keep skin moist)

Important: Please note that some companies add Hexane solvents to simplify the process of extracting and extracting coconut oil residue, to reduce production costs. Mezzaluna Coconut Oil does not use Hexane because Hexane is flammable and harmful to the body. Hexane can cause symptoms of poisoning such as headache, vertigo, nausea, decreased appetite, decreased visual function, respiratory and intestinal irritation.